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Creative Cloud Student License Pack

Foster digital literacy and teach your students the essential skills they need to be successful in the modern workplace.

The Student License Pack gives students access to Adobe Creativ
e Cloud in traditional and distance learning programs on their own computers, smartphones or tablets and is now available to higher education institutions at an affordable price.

Give your students access to the industry leading apps including:

Now including generative AI features in Firefly


Edit and combine images for posters, flyers, social collages, & websites.

Premiere Pro

Create pro-quality videos like documentaries, short films &  more.


Design page layouts for print and digital campus flyers, magazines &  eBooks.

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After Effects

Create standard Motion graphic and visual effects.

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Design and develop modern, responsive websites.

Adobe Acrobat

Create, comment, highlight, share & do more with your PDFs from any device.

An animation depicting Generative AI Features in Adobe Firefly


Create graphics and illustrations like logos, infographics &  t-shirt designs.


Brighten shots, bump up colors, find and sort &  make your photos amazing.

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Adobe Express

Quickly and easily create standout social graphics and more.

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Let your students showcase their work to potential employers using Adobe Portfolio and Behance. Adobe Portfolio and Behance are included with the Student License Pack on top of all the other Creative Cloud apps.

Adobe’s Student License Pack gives students 50GB of cloud storage and access to all Creative Cloud apps for the best savings. The storage cloud allows students to access and save work on projects across multiple devices.

Top Benefits of going with Adobe Creative Cloud


Exceptional value

Purchase the Creative Cloud Student License Pack through your department or institution’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP) at a discount of up to 80% off commercial prices.

Easy license management

Easily assign licenses, add or delete users, assign products, and add administrators in the Admin Console. Reassign the same license as students and courses come and go, as often as needed.

An educator managing his Adobe Creative Cloud License
A student in a classroom full of students showing a student how to proceed with their work

Career success

Students can work on their creative skills on campus, at home, or on the go. Let them develop their digital skills and showcase their creativity to potential employers.

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