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Adobe for K12

Foster creativity & teach digital literacy

Adobe is committed to the idea that students need digital and creative skills to succeed in the careers of the future. Our creative apps and educational resources empower students to think creatively, communicate their ideas effectively, and develop essential skills. For only US$5 per license per year, give your students, teacher, and staff the digital tools to create amazing work.

Explore endless creative possibilities

with 20+ apps for video, photography, print, illustration, & more


Edit and combine images for posters, flyers, social collages, & websites.

Adobe Acrobat

Create, comment, highlight, share & do more with your PDFs from any device.

Premiere Pro

Create pro-quality videos like documentaries, short films &  more.


Create graphics and illustrations like logos, infographics &  t-shirt designs.


Design page layouts for print and digital campus flyers, magazines &  eBooks.

Premiere Rush

Create videos on the go & share to YouTube, TikTok & more.


Brighten shots, bump up colors, find and sort &  make your photos amazing.

Adobe XD

Design and prototype websites & mobile apps for school projects.

An Adobe Character Animator Logo

Character Animator

Turn 2D artwork into live, animated characters.

The value of digital literacy.

Using Adobe Creative Cloud tools in the classroom will challenge students to think critically and creatively, building essential skills for success.


For in-person & remote learning.

Incorporate Adobe’s digital tools into every subject with free lesson plans with Adobe Education Exchange.

Collaborate closely–even when you're miles apart.

Adobe Acrobat lets you work together on gorgeous PDFs with text, graphs, & illustrations.

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Preparing students for the workforce or university.

  • Résumé tips and templates

  • Memorable business cards

  • Stand out with your posters

  • Professional-standard video creation

  • Show off your creative portfolio with Behance


For teachers, admin, & IT:

Adobe Express

Try Adobe Express for Education for free today

A promotional image depicting the ease of edit of Adobe Acrobat documents with Adobe Express
An Adobe Creative Educator Badge

Become a certified educator.

In this community program, you’ll receive curated professional development materials, information about virtual and in-person events, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded educators from around the world. To recognize your professional development you’ll earn badges for completing each level of the program.

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Get in touch with DSS

 Connor Balistreri

Adobe K-12 Education Success Manager

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